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The word "animal" comes from the Latin word animale, neuter of animalis, and is derived from anima, meaning vital breath or soul. In everyday colloquial usage, the word usually refers to non-human animals. The biological definition of the word refers to all members of the Kingdom Animalia. Therefore, when the word "animal" is used in a biological context, humans are included.
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What Makes A Happy Pet

Posted by WishbonE at 6:37 PM

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Having a pet is an exciting and fun experience. Pets provide loyalty, companionship, comfort, and happiness. With all these great feelings that pets can give us, it is also important that we reciprocate them. Aside from showing love and affection, how can we make our pets happy?
Ensuring proper pet care is another way. The word care is quite broad so we will try to break it down into more specific ways.

We can start by grooming our pet. They should be given regular baths and good skin care. We should also see to it that they have clean ears, teeth and nails. Pet owners can do the grooming but we want the professionals to do it, we can take our dogs or cats to groomers but it may require us to spend a little extra. If on a tight budget, it is highly recommended to do your own pet's grooming with the help of pet supplies like dog tub, shampoo and conditioner, combs, paw-dicure set, etc. As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. Grooming is not just about improving the pet's look and caring for his hygiene. Being clean also boosts their confidence and makes them feel good about themselves.

Good health is also another thing that can make pets happy. If you have a thin, weak, or sickly pet, most likely he will be immobile, inactive, and sad. It is important for owners to maintain or improve their pet's health. This way, they can also protect their pets from virus, sickness, or diseases that may hit them. Providing their basic needs is the first thing to do. Give them nutritious food, clean water, and comfortable shelter. We can also give them vitamins and supplements that can contribute to their holistic growth. Nobody wants a sickly pet. Not because it's boring, but because it is costly. If your pet is always sick, you may have to spend a lot on vet check-ups and medications. Your dog or cat would love to enjoy his life doing a lot of activities and spending time with you.

Since pets are naturally active, another thing that can make them happy is pet training. Training is a good way to develop the pet's strength, agility, and mental health. But what is more important is, training gives you the best time to bond with your pet. It is a great activity to improve pet-owner relationship. It is ideal that you conduct the training yourself rather than enrolling your pet into school. There are various petsafe ways to do it. Just be sure to employ the proper techniques or use safe and effective training aids. Training does not give you quality time with your pets, it also ensures your pet's happiness by engaging him into various activities.

Protect Your Furniture with Scat Mat

Posted by WishbonE at 9:29 PM

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

While pet gates and indoor containments limit the pet's access to restricted areas inside the house, the scat mat gives a more specific protection.

If you have a leather sofa in the house, and your cat always jumps on it, leaving some scratch marks on the surface, you need a scat mat.  The most popular in the market today is the Petsafe Scat Mat. You place it on the sofa to cover and protect it. It will also help you train your cat in avoiding your valued furniture. It emits a mild static stimulation when the pet touches the sofa. The scat mat is safe so no need to worry on the cat's safety.

The scat mat is the affordable and effective way to protect your furniture inside the house from cat scratches.

When Pet Microchipping is Not an Option

Posted by WishbonE at 6:30 PM

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pets are not safe from getting lost. Dogs and cats can go astray while walking on the street, stolen while running outside or worse disappear while they are home alone. Finding a lost pet can be a burden especially with hundreds or thousands other dogs and cats which may look exactly like your pet. Although most of these pets end up in city pounds and shelters, the owners will still have a hard time tracking them. This is why some dog owners resolve to the idea of pet micro chipping.  But what if it's not an option for you?

Still majority of dog owners are still doubtful and confused about the safety of pet micro chips.  The surgical procedure can be quite dreadful and harmful for pets that's why it has raised some issues on animal rights. Micro chip technology is the newly suggested method to keep track of pets and identify them once lost. It contains details about the owner and a tracking number is implanted on pets.

But if pet safety is the owner's major concern, there are still other ways they can secure their pets. Providing a petsafe and reliable containment can protect the pets outdoor and indoor.  These pet containment will keep them on their designated boundaries while alone and unattended. Owners can also put collars and tags to their pets with their addresses and phone numbers so in case somebody finds them, they can contact you.  This way you won't have to worry when you lose them.

We know how much owners love their pets. We can see it with the products they provide to ensure good health, proper grooming and secured protection. Keep your pets in a reliable containment and get rid of the fear of losing them.

Read more:

A Convenient Way to Feed Pets

Posted by WishbonE at 5:01 PM

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeding your pet requires you to be strict with time and be more responsible.  You have to make sure that he eats the ample amount of food at least 3 times a day.  But how can you do this when you're working, or you usually run errands and leave the pet at home? Well, a pet feeder can help you.

Petsafe Automatic 2 meal dog feeder can ease you of your troubles and worries of feeding.  It has 2 separate trays that you can already fill with food. No need to refill food every time the pet needs to it. This feeder allows you to choose from multiple time settings and can easily be set to feed two meal in 48 hours. The electronic timer will not leave the pet hungry, and the trays will open up once it’s time to eat. Use wet or dry food, this feeder won’t mind.  You can wash it too after using it.  Check the latest pet feeders online to have an idea.

In Dog Training, Don’t Forget the Don’ts

Posted by WishbonE at 7:43 PM

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Most dog training articles or advice would usually contain the best tips on how to achieve good behavior and a well-trained dog. All of them are really informational and useful but most of them concentrate on the Do’s of dog training. While that is a positive note, providing the Don’ts as well can better help dog owners and trainers. Here are some of the Don’ts in dog training.

Don’t conduct the training in a place with lots of distraction. Pets easily get distracted with sights and sounds. Find a place where the pet can hear and focus on your commands. Your backyard will be a great place to start with. Public places like parks are ideal for outdoor training but they are usually crowded and noisy. If you choose a park for training, be sure to find a quiet and less crowded spot.

Don’t exhaust your dog in training. Pets have a short attention span too. Unless you can sustain their attention and interest, then maybe you can plan a quite extensive training module. If you can’t, try to keep the lessons short. Around 20 to 30 minutes perhaps. Do not push your dog to his limits. Try to give him a time to rest in between the training time.

Don’t forget to commend and reward your dog. If your pet was able to do your commands and exemplify good behavior, show them your appreciation by commending them and giving them rewards. Through your actions, your pet can associate that what he did was good, and will do it again so he can get a reward. Rewards can be food, treats or toys.

Don’t stop until you achieve your goal. Pet owners have their goals in training their dogs. Sometimes, dogs are too stubborn and this requires patience among the trainers. Try to devote your time and exert some effort in training them until you see progress and finally achieve your goals. Having a well-behaved dog after training will make all the effort worth it.

Don’t be afraid to consult a professional dog trainer. If you are having problems in teaching your dog, you can always ask a professional trainer for advice. Hearing it from the experts, you can be quite sure that their tips and advice are proven and effective. They have handled quite a lot of dogs like your dog and they already know what to do.

Don’t hesitate to try dog training aids. The market now offers a lot of training kits for dogs. There are kits for obedience, and some for agility. Choose which of these kits will better serve your purpose. To ensure pet safety and to have guarantee, you can choose products from top manufacturers like Petsafe dog training collars, Dogtra bark collars, agility kits, and a lot more. Be sure to check reviews before buying any of these products to have an idea of how they work and their effectiveness.

Summer Fun with Pets

Posted by WishbonE at 7:32 PM

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer is just around the corner and it means vacation! Kids are looking forward this season because it means out-of-town trips and exciting summer activities.  Mom and dad are surely busy too in fixing their schedules to arrange a family vacation. And when they say family, of course that also includes everyone's favourite four-pawed bud, their dog.

The most popular destination for families is the beach.  Everyone loves the idea of fresh, cold water soothing their bodies which are exhausted due to the heat of summer sunshine. The beach also provides a big space for families to bond together. Kids can run around, dad and bro can play Frisbee with fido, mom can cook barbecue, and at night, a bonfire would be a lovely idea.

But before picturing all these exciting activities, it's important to prepare first the things that will be needed for the most awaited vacation. First, make the necessary reservations and arrangements.  If you're planning to rent a hotel room or a beach villa, make sure to reserve it in advance. Resorts can be crowded this time of the year, and you wouldn't want to see that disappointing "No Vacancy" sign. Second, list the things you need to bring for the trip. Swimwear, shades, flip flops, sun block, or tanning lotion, better put them all in the bag so you can complete your summer look and avoid sun burn. This also includes the set of clothes you plan to wear.  Keep in mind how many days you'll be away to know how many clothes, and what type you need to bring. Comfy cotton clothes would be ideal. Third, also consider what the other family members might need. Junior might need his favourite floaters, dad may like to bring his favourite beach chair, and mom would like to relax later on her beach mat. Since you're bringing the dog, it's also important to bring the things he might need. If you are travelling a long way to get to the beach, it's better to get one of those dog crates to put the pet inside. The crate will be his safe and comfortable containment while on the road trip. You might also want to consider those dog life jackets to ensure that your pet will not drown if he gets too far in the water. Lastly, be sure to bring snacks that everyone can enjoy while on the road, on the beach, or while resting.

Now that you know what to prepare, it's time to find the best beach spots and start arranging. Always remember that summer comes once a year only, so be sure to enjoy it with your family, including your pets.


Rolling Out In Style with Dog Strollers

Posted by WishbonE at 5:16 PM

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dogs are the most favored and well-loved pets because of the loyalty and companionship they provide. Not like any other pets, dogs are easy to train, playful and fun to be with that is why most dog owners love to bring them along wherever they go.

Providing portable and movable containment, owners can tag their pets along with a rolling containment that can keep their pets safe. These strollers also allow owners to display how cute and lovable their dogs are. On the other hand, the pets are given a good seat to enjoy the view when he’s taken outside. Most dog strollers today are made in colourful fabric with stylish designs. Pets on these modish carriages can surely make heads turn as they roll out in style.

The Best Products for Proper Pet Care

Posted by WishbonE at 9:39 PM

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We've scouted the web to see the top selling items on pet care today. This include products on pet grooming, health, training and safety. These are 4 important aspects that every owner must look at to ensure proper pet care. See the most recommended pet supplies to ensure meeting these pet car.
Pet Grooming
The Dirty Dog portable dog bath features a collapsible frame that fastens for storage. Read more on dog bath tubs...

Pet Health
This orthopedic pet bed is great for all dogs, but a must for older dogs. See more info on heated dog beds here..
Pet Training
-->A well-behaved and obedient dog is the result of using a Petsafe dog training collar backed by proper training techniques.  View more collars from Petsafe .

Pet Safety
Having a reliable dog containment is the easiest way to keep pets secured. The wireless Petsafe dog fence is one of the most sought after containment today. See more of Petsafe dog fences...

A Pet Gift Is Not Always the Way to a Woman's Heart

Posted by WishbonE at 5:17 PM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In lieu with Valentines Day, NY Daily published a story entitled "Cupid human trick: Furry pet is no sure bet as a Valentine's Day gift".

According to research and interviews done, most men would consider pets as gifts to their loved ones not only on V-day but also on other gift-giving celebration days. However, pets are not always the best gift. Most pets ending up in animal shelters are those unwanted by unready first time owners. The Humane Society of New York gets a lot of animals from those saying they are not ready, they just can't take the responsibility or simply, they do not just want any pets. 

Some people who get pet gifts live in no-pets allowed apartment, some have allergies caused by furry animals, and some just can't afford the extra expenditures on pet food, containment, accessories, etc. This is a bad fate for pets that end up as gifts. Instead of having a comfortable home with a loving and caring pet owner that provides them petsafe products and look after their welfare, they end up in shelters on in Craiglist or ebay for sale.

Guys or girls should think first of what will happen to the pet if given as a gift. If you think they can be taken care of, then it's ok, but if you think your partner is not ready or responsible enough to parent the poor animal, then just get something else.

Mike Rubin, the store manager at Puppy Paradise in Marine Park, Brooklyn gives people something to think about: "It's not something you can return or give back to the person after a breakup,"  "It's almost like an engagement ring."


CAT-ching Forty Winks and Cat Naps

Posted by WishbonE at 4:32 PM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Read this nice and informative article from Petsafe Articles at America Outdoor. Hope the editors won't mind if I also used their title for this blog. They have reposting policies so I also included their links.

The CATchy title immediately grabbed my attention because it's very clever and creative. The article is about sleeping cats and pet beds. Cats sleep for about 13-16 hours per day. Almost 1/4 of their lives are spent on dreamland. The article offers not only useful information but also helpful suggestions on how pet owners can give their cats a good sleep in a warm and comfy resting area. It also contains some of the most sought pet beds today that any cat will surely love.

Check the article here:

Pet Beds for Cats

Respect Animals

Posted by WishbonE at 8:09 PM

Friday, February 5, 2010

Animals have feelings..
Animals are NOT property!
Animals feel love.
Animals feel abandonment.
Animals feel hunger.
Animals feel pain.
Animals mourn.
Animals feel fear!
Respect all animals.
Animals are God's gifts to us!
Be Kind to Animals! - Jude

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Stop Unwanted Barking

Posted by WishbonE at 6:36 PM

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's hard to differentiate the usual dog bark to what we call chronic bark. Although the latter is more frequent, still one can not immediately declare a dog is a chronic barker. Dog owners regard this to be a major problem. Find out why most of them are now turning to products like Petsafe bark collar to deter unwanted barking. Find the article here.

Pet Clothings and Accessories

Posted by WishbonE at 8:02 PM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pet lovers take so much joy in dressing up, accessorizing, and flaunting their most loved furry friends. Colorful clothes, stylish collars and leashes, elegant dog bags and even pet strollers are bought by pet owners just to keep their pets in fashion. AmericaOutdoor, a great resource for Petsafe products and 1000's of fabulous pet accessories posted an article on pet fashion.

(image from

Atoms According to Golden Retrievers

Posted by WishbonE at 7:59 AM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bored of your science teacher? How ' bout having more than a dozen of golden retrievers to teach you about atoms?

Found this great video on youtube. Learn about atoms from our favorite furry friends.

This article is from America Outdoor, keeping pets comfy and warm with a huge list of Heated Pet Beds

Out of this World: Dogs in Sci-Fi Movies

Posted by WishbonE at 5:54 PM

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Besides the countless movies made for dogs, there are still tons of movies that featured dogs (high or low exposure) as assistants, allies, enemies, heroes or villains. Who says dogs are to ordinary to appear in sci-fi movies? Here's a list of  5 Sci-fi movies that featured our favorite canines.

1. COPERNICUS, in the Back to the Future trilogy

2. EINSTEIN, in the Back to the Future trilogy

3. FRANK, the alien dog in Men in Black

4. HARVEY, Elliot's dog in E.T.

5. SAM, the dog in Dante's Peak who leaps out of a field of boiling-hot lava to safety

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This post is brought to you by America Outdoor, a great source for Dogtra and Pet Safe supplies.

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