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A Pet Gift Is Not Always the Way to a Woman's Heart

Posted by WishbonE at 5:17 PM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In lieu with Valentines Day, NY Daily published a story entitled "Cupid human trick: Furry pet is no sure bet as a Valentine's Day gift".

According to research and interviews done, most men would consider pets as gifts to their loved ones not only on V-day but also on other gift-giving celebration days. However, pets are not always the best gift. Most pets ending up in animal shelters are those unwanted by unready first time owners. The Humane Society of New York gets a lot of animals from those saying they are not ready, they just can't take the responsibility or simply, they do not just want any pets. 

Some people who get pet gifts live in no-pets allowed apartment, some have allergies caused by furry animals, and some just can't afford the extra expenditures on pet food, containment, accessories, etc. This is a bad fate for pets that end up as gifts. Instead of having a comfortable home with a loving and caring pet owner that provides them petsafe products and look after their welfare, they end up in shelters on in Craiglist or ebay for sale.

Guys or girls should think first of what will happen to the pet if given as a gift. If you think they can be taken care of, then it's ok, but if you think your partner is not ready or responsible enough to parent the poor animal, then just get something else.

Mike Rubin, the store manager at Puppy Paradise in Marine Park, Brooklyn gives people something to think about: "It's not something you can return or give back to the person after a breakup,"  "It's almost like an engagement ring."



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