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In Dog Training, Don’t Forget the Don’ts

Posted by WishbonE at 7:43 PM

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Most dog training articles or advice would usually contain the best tips on how to achieve good behavior and a well-trained dog. All of them are really informational and useful but most of them concentrate on the Do’s of dog training. While that is a positive note, providing the Don’ts as well can better help dog owners and trainers. Here are some of the Don’ts in dog training.

Don’t conduct the training in a place with lots of distraction. Pets easily get distracted with sights and sounds. Find a place where the pet can hear and focus on your commands. Your backyard will be a great place to start with. Public places like parks are ideal for outdoor training but they are usually crowded and noisy. If you choose a park for training, be sure to find a quiet and less crowded spot.

Don’t exhaust your dog in training. Pets have a short attention span too. Unless you can sustain their attention and interest, then maybe you can plan a quite extensive training module. If you can’t, try to keep the lessons short. Around 20 to 30 minutes perhaps. Do not push your dog to his limits. Try to give him a time to rest in between the training time.

Don’t forget to commend and reward your dog. If your pet was able to do your commands and exemplify good behavior, show them your appreciation by commending them and giving them rewards. Through your actions, your pet can associate that what he did was good, and will do it again so he can get a reward. Rewards can be food, treats or toys.

Don’t stop until you achieve your goal. Pet owners have their goals in training their dogs. Sometimes, dogs are too stubborn and this requires patience among the trainers. Try to devote your time and exert some effort in training them until you see progress and finally achieve your goals. Having a well-behaved dog after training will make all the effort worth it.

Don’t be afraid to consult a professional dog trainer. If you are having problems in teaching your dog, you can always ask a professional trainer for advice. Hearing it from the experts, you can be quite sure that their tips and advice are proven and effective. They have handled quite a lot of dogs like your dog and they already know what to do.

Don’t hesitate to try dog training aids. The market now offers a lot of training kits for dogs. There are kits for obedience, and some for agility. Choose which of these kits will better serve your purpose. To ensure pet safety and to have guarantee, you can choose products from top manufacturers like Petsafe dog training collars, Dogtra bark collars, agility kits, and a lot more. Be sure to check reviews before buying any of these products to have an idea of how they work and their effectiveness.

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